In 2018, we founded Xavier Remon upon realising that the prices of fashion watch brands out there didn’t add up to the quality they offered. Knowing that a change was necessary, we committed two years to gathering capital, and conducted countless hours of market research. Now, we are delivering on our vision. We believe everyone should experience the sensation of wearing a premium quality timepiece, without having to empty their bank account. For us, there are no conditions to style, and no rules in the creation of it. Driven by this pioneering spirit, we are inspired by those who are captivated by progress, those who push the boundaries, those who refuse mediocrity.

We want to do more than simply move money from your bank account to ours. Of course, profit is essential, but that’s not what drives us. What we want to do is, instead of producing unoriginal, repetitive designs and spending most of our revenue on advertising, we want to prioritize you, and your experience as a supporter of our brand.  This is weaved into the fabric of Xavier Remon, and it is reflected in every part of our brand. Design, production and interaction. Our vision is to produce high-quality, creative designs, at fair prices. Ultimately, we want you to not just be a part of this experience, we want you at the centre of it.




 We use only high-quality 316l Stainless Steel for our watches. Our glass has a thick sapphire crystal coating and a hardened mineral crystal base. This combination provides simultaneous scratch and shatter proofing. All of our leather straps are made of high-grade Italian leather, and each is made by hand. Our quality is so solid, we offer a one-year warranty on every watch.



Our process starts at our Cape Town headquarters, where we design all of our timepieces. After designs are completed, our various design elements are then distributed to our suppliers around the world, each of which we have personally sought out, and keep in constant contact with. Our suppliers then produce the various parts of our watches according to our specific designs. Our different components are assembled by hand to ensure perfection. After assembly we, the owners, then personally check each individual watch again before sending them to you. Our process includes scratch and waterproof testing. We don't leave anything to chance.


All of our designs are personally created by us on the drawing boards of our headquarters in Cape Town. We believe that time is best kept simple, so we create our watches with the perfect blend of simplicity and style in mind. Keep an eye out for future launches!

Xavier Remon Designs